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NFL Bargain Bets: Week 17
December 26th 2008
by Old Man Winner

New York Giants (+7) at Minnesota Vikings 

Week # 17 is always a trap week, with folks always looking to take the teams with "the most to play for". Let me go on the record and agree with our newest PylonPicks writer, Pilfo, that I like most of those lame duck, 'nothing to play for', teams plus the points this week. But, which team truly has the most to play for this week? C'mon, think hard . . . you know who it is. That's right - it's the Lions. They do not want to end the season as the first team to ever go winless through an entire 16 game season. So, are the Lions my bargain bet? I want them to be - but like just about everyone else on the planet, I cannot lay any kind of reputation on the line to take them this week. That said, although it is not my 'bargain bet' of the week, I do think they cover. Green Bay has played terrible of late, especially their defense, and Monday night's game was their last hurrah!

The NY Giants officially have nothing to play for in this game and the Vikings must win to make the playoffs. hence the assumed benching of Giants players which has driven the spread to a place it doesn't belong. If this game meant something to the Giants, the spread would likely be flipped and the Giants would be favored by 7.

As I stated in my first sentence, the Giants 'officially' have nothing to play for, except THE MOST IMPORTANT thing that any team takes into the playoffs . . . MOMENTUM! Never undersell the MO! The MO is what was necessary for them to win the Super Bowl last year. Football is such a mental game, often times with the winners being those that enter the game with the most confidence and moxie. That confidence comes directly from their recent performances.

This bargain bet article is banking on the fact that Tom Coughlin understands this and won't lay down for this game. If anyone does sit for the Giants its likely to be their offensive studs. If so, what will likely happen is that Manning and Jacobs sit and the Giants run the ball a lot with Ward and Bradshaw. And, as long as key defenders don't sit, they should be able to win this game, or at the very least, cover a Christmas gift spread.

Enjoy and have a Happy Holiday with the extra coin earned on this one.

Bargain Bets 2008 Record:  8-7-1

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