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Welcome to the Power Rankings for Week 1 of the 2007 NFL season.  Each week our team of football experts will pass judgment on each NFL team and rank them accordingly.


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Week 1 Power Rankings



2006 Record


1 Patriots 12-4 Tom Brady can do no wrong on or off the football field. Asante Samuel has signed. The Patriots have a new and solid receiving core, plus some draft picks that will have an immediate impact this season. The Patriots are an undisputed choice right now for the Lombardi trophy.
2 Colts 12-4 The pressure of getting past the Patriots and winning the big one are off of Peyton Manning's shoulders. The big question again this year for the Colts will be their defense.
3 Bears 13-3 The Bears are hungry to get back to the Super Bowl. If Grossman can limit the turnovers and be consistent, the Bears should repeat as NFC champions. Watch for Hester on offense this year, he should be exciting.
4 Chargers 14-2 Wow, Norv Turner gets another chance. I bet he can't wait to play the Raiders. Look for Vincent Jackson to take some load off of L.T.
5 Saints 10-6 The Cinderella season is over for the Saints, expectations are much higher this year.
6 Ravens 13-3 The Ravens addition of Willis McGahee should help the running game but the loss of Adalius Thomas to the Patriots will weaken their defense
7 Steelers 8-8 The Steelers finished the 2006 season winning 4 out of 5 games. Can first year coach Mike Tomlin keep the momentum going?
8 Cowboys 9-7 T.O. seems way too relaxed this year. Wade Philips should improve the Big D. With Jason Garrett calling the plays, can the Cowboys return to the early 1990's form on offense?
9 Eagles 10-6 Can McNabb and Westbrook stay healthy the entire year? If so, the Eagles will be ranked higher by year end.
10 Jaguars 8-8 With Leftwich gone, it Garrard's offense now. He is a younger prototype of Steve McNair. Jags still have the best defensive tackles in the game. If the Jags don't improve on an 8-8 season, Jack Del Rio will be on the hot seat.
11 Bengals 8-8 Keep the off-the-field incidents down to a minimum and the Bengals should have a decent year. They did not pick up anyone in the off season to help their struggling defense.
12 Broncos 9-7 The rotation as RB continues as Travis Henry is now plugged into the Broncos backfield. It is going to be difficult to pass against the Champ Bailey and Dre Bly combination. Cutler, in second NFL season, gets a chance to prove himself.
13 Jets 10-6 Once again Eric Mangini and his coaching staff will need to be efficient and make the best out of the talent on his roster
14 Rams 8-8 The Greatest Show on Turf is back. The Rams were already loaded on offense and added Drew Bennett and Randy McMichael. Stephen Jackson is expected to have another career year and Marc Bulger is very underrated as a QB.
15 Seahawks 9-7 The Seahawks were fading last year. Their reign as the NFC West champion will most likely come to an end this year.
16 Titans 8-8 Vince Young will need to carry the team on his shoulders once again.
17 Dolphins 6-10 Third coaching staff in four years, a solid defense, a veteran QB but weak offensive line. The Dolphins however may surprise some people this year.
18 Giants 8-8 With Tiki Barber gone, it is time for Eli Manning to make the big plays on offense.
19 49ers 7-9 The 49ers are an up and coming team. The 49ers made a lot of great off-season moves. The addition of WR Darrell Jackson should bolster their offense and Nate Clements will help a secondary that was nearly last in passing yards given up.
20 Panthers 8-8 The biggest change this year could be at QB if Delhomme struggles. Steve Smith should be exciting to watch as usual. DeAngelo Williams may become the featured back.
21 Vikings 6-10 Solid run defense and great offensive line, but Tarvaris Jackson? Kelly Holcomb is waiting in the wings.
22 Chiefs 9-7 Derrick Johnson at LB looks promising. Larry Johnson will need to carry the ball more than 416 times this year for the Chiefs to have success.
23 Bills 7-9 The Bills have a brutal first 5 weeks of the season (Denver, Pittsburgh, New England, Jets and Dallas). Lee Evans is projected to have a big year.
24 Packers 8-8 Where is the running game going to come from this year? Aaron Rodgers probably can't wait to get his shot at QB.
25 Texans 6-10 Matt Schaub finally gets his chance at QB with Mike Sherman as offensive coordinator. Mario Williams (#1 pick in 2006 over Reggie Bush in case you forgot already) needs to be more of an impact player this year.
26 Redskins 5-11 The running game of Betts and Portis will need to keep the pressure off of Campbell.
27 Raiders 2-14 Looks like Josh McCown may get the nod as starting QB over Culpepper. First year coach Lane Kiffin should be able to win more than 2 games this year.
28 Cardinals 5-11 The Super Bowl is coming to Arizona this year, but the crowd will not be cheering for the Cardinals.
29 Buccaneers 4-12 It's hard to count Jeff Garcia out. Look at the job he did for the Eagles last year.
30 Browns 4-12 How soon will it be before we see Brady Quinn start?
31 Lions 3-13 I hope the Lions aren't already scouting WR Early Doucet for their first round pick next year. The early loss of Kevin Jones will hurt the Lions running attack. Simply no defense either.
32 Falcons 7-9 The Falcons are wishing they could take back the 2001 trade with the Chargers for Michael Vick.

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