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Welcome to the Power Rankings for Week 9 of the 2007 NFL season.  Each week our team of football experts will pass judgment on each NFL team and rank them accordingly.


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Week 9 Power Rankings


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We are finally here. Clash of the Titans. You can see the determination in the Patriots. This is a huge game for them. as they have lost 3 straight games to the Colts.  Belichick these days is being portrayed in the media as a blood thirsty merciless villian wearing a gray hoodie. You can read more here about the Patriots running up the score and how the Redskins felt about it.
2 2 Colts


I heard that this is the first time in the last 42 home games that the Colts are an underdog.  The Colts seem to embrace being in the underdog role as well. It looks like Marvin Harrison was held out last week to be able to play in Week 9 against the Patriots. The Colts have now won its first seven games in three consecutive seasons
3 3 Cowboys


The Cowboys had very little success against the Eagles last year losing both games.  Anything can happen when these 2 teams meet.
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4 4 Steelers


The Steelers were back to true form last Sunday. They are 5-0 this season when Willie Parker runs for 100 yards or more. 
5 5 Packers


Favre is having a season that he'll never forget so far. An 82 yard bomb to Jennings on the first play of overtime to win the game last week. Simply amazing.  They will have a tough time this week traveling to Arrowhead and will need to avoid a letdown.
6 6 Chargers


The Chargers are back. It was amazing to see 35 points put up with no TD's from Tomlinson (rushing or passing).
7 7 Giants


The Giants are on a 6-0 run.  It wasn't pretty in London but they hung on for the win.  A streaker wearing a referee's uniform provided the biggest entertainment during the game. The U.K. would also love Belichick over there as they starting booing after the Giants took a knee at the end of the game.
8 8 Titans


LenDale White rushed for 133 yards to lead the Titans past the Raiders.  Vince Young hasn't thrown a touchdown pass since Sept. 24th but the Titans defense and solid running game are carrying them. 
9 9 Jaguars


An impressive road victory by the banged up Jaguars.  To me it looks like Gray and Gerrard are interchangeable. Is there really any difference?
10 10 Ravens


The Ravens will be putting their best out on the field against the Steelers Monday night. We will see if they are a contender or pretender. It is looking like Todd Heap, Steve McNair, Trevor Pryce and Jonathan Ogden are all expected to play in Monday night's showdown against the Steelers.
11 12 Lions


The Lions are true contenders with a huge road win in Chicago. The Lions are 1/2 way to Kitna's prediction now. However, the winning is starting to go to his head as he is now bringing up the Super Bowl (read more)
12 13 Seahawks


BOLD PREDICTION ALERT! "I think we're in a position to finish the year strong," Hasselbeck said. "We could, conceivably, end up with the best record in football. It's possible at this point." (Click here to read more funny quotes)
13 11 Redskins


That was simply embarrassing.  Send them over to London next time.
14 21 Browns


The Browns proved they are a team to be reckoned with this year after a good win on the road against a team that was hungry for a win.
15 18 Chiefs


The Chiefs had a bye last week and host the Packers who are coming off an amazing overtime win against the Broncos.
16 17 Panthers


The game against the Colts started off well but once Peyton Manning and the Colts got going, it was all over from there.  It defies all logic that the Panthers are winless at home and undefeated on the road. Well guess what they have a road game this week!
17 14 Buccaneers


You can see what turnovers will do to a team as conservative as the Buccaneers. There is just no room for error.
18 16 Broncos


The Broncos lost the coin toss and 1 play later lost the game.  It was rare to see both Broncos corners get burned in the same game.  
19 19 Eagles


The Eagles are hanging around and if they can pull off an upset against Dallas, they are right back in the NFC East race.
20 20 Saints


The Saints pounded the 49ers last week. Playing the Jaguars this week will give us a good indication of where this team is.
21 15 Bears


It has to be unsettling for Brian Griese to head into a bye week after that performance against the Lions. The Bears are definitely playing for a wild card spot this year at best.
22 26 Bills


The Bills came through as our underdog pick of the week! it looks like Losman may start this week after coming in relief last week against the Jets.
23 23 Cardinals


I wonder if they practiced Boldin's 2 point conversion play over the bye week.
24 22 Texans


Well the Texans didn't bounce back after that painful loss against the Titans. This team was off to a promising start and have faded.
25 24 Vikings


Brooks Bollinger may be the starter this week as Holcomb had his head pounded into the ground and Jackson still has the broken finger to deal with. This doesn't bode well against a Chargers team that is starting to click.
26 25 Bengals


The Bengals have lost 7 straight games against the Steelers at home now.
27 27 49ers


Do you realize that the 49ers have only scored 88 points all year and the Patriots have scored 100 points in their last 2 weeks?
28 28 Raiders


When are we going to see JeMarcus Russell at QB?
29 29 Jets


The Jets QB situation is a mess. I don't think it was a good move throwing Clemens in at the last minute. If you are going to play him, give the guy a shot to play the whole game.
30 30 Falcons


The Falcons actually have a good chance of winning this weekend and are favored..
31 31 Dolphins


The Lemon, Chatman, Ginn Jr. era is far far away from being compared to Aikman, Smith, and Irvin.
32 32 Rams


Randy McMichael owes us for not following threw on his guarantee! The Rams looked somewhat decent when Jackson was in the game.  He then got injured and so did another offensive lineman.

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