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September 15th 2008
by Special K


The weekly PSYCHO aWARD goes to the players, officials, or team that cause you to curse at the TV during the game and puts you on the edge of insanity.

Week 2 Winner: Officials of the SD/Denver Game

Norv Turner and Chargers fans are irate over the botched call made by the official at the end of yesterday's game with the Broncos.  Jay Cutler had fumbled the football in an attempt to make a pass near the Charger's 10 yard line. The football was recovered by the San Diego Chargers but the official had blown the play dead and the Broncos maintained possession. The Broncos then proceeded to score the game winning touchdown followed by a 2 point conversion to steal a victory away from the Chargers.  It was the second straight week the Chargers lost a game right at the end of regulation.  

Video and Analysis of Cutler's fumble from NFL Network:

The Chargers were also a victim of the instant replay system failing in the 1st quarter of this game.  The Broncos had recovered a Chris Chamber's fumble in Chargers territory.  However, replay on TV showed that Chamber's elbow was down before the football had come out.  Most likely this play would have been overturned but due to a malfunction with the instant replay system the play stood as called.  This led to the Broncos scoring the 1st touchdown of the game.  Could this have been a conspiracy by Broncos technicians working at the game? I'm sure Chargers fans think so!

New Instant Replay Backup Plan: When the instant replay system is not working, have official run up to the television booths and take a look at the play.

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