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Pilfo's Parlay Week 16
December 24th 2010 - Pilfo             

Dallas - 6.5 / Detroit + 3.5 / Denver + 3

By game time you will have already opened your presents but the NFL is also rewarding you on Christmas Day just for being a Pro Football Fan. Their present to you is the Dallas Cowboys minus whatever you have to lay. Bet early and be more confident with a lower spread but it doesn't really matter when you bet as long as you bet.
The rejuvenated Cowboys will destroy the pathetic Cards in all 3 phases of the game. The Cowboys are playing like a playoff team and the Cards are playing like they want to start the year over again with Kurt Warner. A fantasy football dream if you own any viable Cowboy. Enough said.
Prediction: Cowboys 45-17

The Dolphins look like they are disorganized out there, especially their pass protection. They are starting Henne again because he is their best option but he does not know how to get rid of the ball. All teams are feasting on sacking him. The Fin running game is non existent due to their 2 aging backs. Marshall is their only real athlete out their and you need a whole team to win in this league.
It looks like Shaun Hill will start for the Lions this week. But if Stanton gets the start it won't matter. The Lions are actually playing their best football of the year and they want to finish strong to lay the foundation for their first possible winning season in a long long time starting in Sept. of 2011. The Lion defense is very respectable and their pass rush is down right good.
Prediction: Lions 27-23

Denver is plus 3????? While Denver is not the greatest team out there, actually they are pretty bad, what gives the Texans the right to be favored over anyone on the road? Every team simply just outscores the Texans due to their porous defense. Don't over think this one. Tebow will be the difference in this one.
Prediction: Denver 31-27

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