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NFL Divisional Underdog Pick
January 14th 2011 - Special K            

Green Bay Packers (+2.5) at Atlanta Falcons

Talk about two stocks that are completely on the rise with people rushing out to buy them. The Packers and Falcons are the Google and Apple of the NFL right now. The Falcons were 20-1 odds at the beginning of the year to win the Super Bowl and the Packers were 19/2. Now, the Falcons are 5/1 and the Packers are 6/1. Many are calling the Packers/Falcons matchup the NFC Championship game. So why do I like the Packers in an upset?

One of the obvious reasons is Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers is out to prove that he deserves to be one of the QB selections in this year's Pro Bowl. Matt Ryan was selected over Rodgers. Not only that, Rodgers has paid his dues over the years and it is now his turn to finally show that he is one of the elite QB's in the NFL. 

Another reason for picking the Packers is that they have some serious momentum coming into this game. The Packers have been playing playoff football for the last 3 weeks beating quality teams like the Giants, Bears, and Eagles in order to advance. The Packers defense keeps getting better each week and now the offense has a new found running game with a fresh Starks in the backfield. There's no stopping the Packers train, stay aboard.

Take the Packers +2.5 points this week



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