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  How well do you know your NFL stats for the 2008 season?  Take your best shot at answering all our questions and see how you rank. 
1. Pittsburgh's defense was #1 against both the pass and rush this year.  True False
2. Philip Rivers led the league in both TD passes and QB rating.  True False
3. Only one team was in the top half of all four statistical categories (Offensive pass and rush yards, and defensive pass and rush yards), which team was it? 
4. Which rookie wide receiver had the most receiving yards in 2008?
5. Which rookie running back rushed for the most yards in 2008?
6. Which RB (minimum of 90 carries) out the NFC East led the NFL in yards per carry?
7. Which NY team (Giants or Jets) had a better defense against the run?
8. Which team had more yards rushing, New England or Tennessee?   
9. Which team had more yards passing, Green Bay or Dallas?   
10. How many players averaged over 100 yards per game either rushing or receiving?   
11. Three kickers ended the season tied for the most extra points with 46. Can you name one of them?   
12. Which team had more passing yards, the Jets or the 49ers?   
13. Which team had more rushing yards, Chicago or Seattle?   
14. Three players averaged more than a sack per game, can you name at least two of them? 
15. Of these top twelve players in scoring, three of them were from the NFC South. Can you name all three of them? , ,
16. Which player led the NFL in tackles?  
17. Which team led the league in least number of total yards gained and most punts?  
18. Which player did not score at least 10 TD's this season?   
19. Which team scored the most defensive TD's this season?   
20. Which playoff team is the only one to rank in the bottom half of points allowed per game?   


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