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September 21th 2009
by Special K


The weekly PSYCHO aWARD goes to the players, officials, or team that cause you to curse at the TV during the game and puts you on the edge of insanity.

Week 2 Winner: Miami Dolphins 2 Minute Offense

The Psycho award is back this year thanks to the Miami Dolphins. Let the ranting begin! Could somebody please clue the Dolphins in on how to execute a two minute offense?  That was the most pathetic attempt at a comeback as I have ever witnessed in any NFL game.  If you are a Dolphins fan and missed the final three minutes of this game, you avoided a really really sick feeling in the stomach one got while watching this foolishness unfold.

Let's check out the play sequence. The Colts kicked off to the Dolphins with 3:18 left in the game.

1. Cobbs didn't learn from the Buffalo/NE game and decides to return the kickoff from 7 yards deep in his end zone. He didn't fumble, but only go out to the Miami 18 yard line.

2. The Dolphins execute 2 running plays in a 1 minute 13 seconds while burning a timeout.

3. The Dolphins call their final timeout with 56 seconds not noticing they were going to get a free timeout due to an injured Colts player.

4. Ginn, single covered, has the ball hit right in his hands in the end zone on a deep pass but completely muffs it up.

I really don't want to continue on with this.

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