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November 2nd 2009


The weekly PSYCHO aWARD goes to the players, officials, or team that cause you to curse at the TV during the game and puts you on the edge of insanity.

Week 8 Winner: New Orleans Saints Clock Killing Ability

There is something completed wrong when you have the ball with 1:42 left in the game, the opposing team only has 1 timeout left, and you only KILL 19 seconds off the clock.  How is this even possible you ask?

1. You run the ball on first down and one of your lineman gets injured. The referee stops the clock for an injury timeout. Why the referee doesn't start the clock after the player leaves the field is beyond me. I can't find any information anywhere in the rule books on it.

2. You run the ball on 2nd down and the opposing team uses their last timeout.

3. Your running back (Mike Bell) carelessly runs with only one hand on the football and gets stripped of the ball.

Just to stick a dagger in your heart, the Falcons kick a field goal with 30 seconds left in the game to COVER the spread. A spread that had no business being covered had Drew Brees just taken a few kneel downs.

Skip to the 4:05 mark of this video to watch the travesty unfold.

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