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Pilfo's Conference Parlay
January 21st 2011 - Pilfo             

Bears+ 3.5 / Pittsburgh - 3.5

The Bears catch a couple of huge breaks in order to host the NFC Championship game this week. This should be a great game in which both sides of this long-time rivalry will be "jacked up". The best thing the Packers have going for them is the improved but still questionable offensive line of the Bears. In a cold weather clutch situation I have to tell you that I rank Aaron Rodgers only a hair ahead of Jay Cutler. Cutler has been getting it done and is a guy who will lay his body on the line to get the win in this game. The Bears still have a weapon on special teams by the name of Devin Hester who will give the Bears good field position. The Packers play in their 3rd road game in which 75% of playoff teams have lost in the past. Bear defense comes up big. I will give a clear edge to the Bears in this one. Packers get worn down late in this game.

Prediction: Bears 17-13.

The miracle Jets have gone on the road and beat both Manning (the real Manning) and Brady in their own houses. Now they attempt to beat Big Ben in his house. They will not! The Jets had to game plan against the Pats and the Colts who they knew would have to throw the ball in order to play well. The Steelers can run, run, run if they choose so the Jets will have to come up with a different scheme this week in order to contain the Steelers balanced attack. The Pats and Colts had questionable defenses. The Steelers defense is solid. This matchup is just going to be too tough for the Jets to go 60 minutes with their 3rd road game. The game will start as a grind it out back and forth punt after punt type of game but midway in the 2nd quarter the Steelers will take the lead while stuffing the Jets run game. This will force Sanchez to pass and the Steelers will take control. Look for Tomlin to outcoach the foot fetish guy.

Prediction: Steelers 24-7

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