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October 18th 2009


The weekly PSYCHO aWARD goes to the players, officials, or team that cause you to curse at the TV during the game and puts you on the edge of insanity.

Week 6 Winner: St. Louis Rams

There were several nominees this week for our prestigious award. It was a tough decision this week between the Minnesota Vikings and the St. Louis Rams. Brett Favre and the Vikings were having a lot of success passing the football late in the game when the coaches decided to get conservative and run the ball 3 times up the middle to settle for a field goal and take a 33-31 lead. Well, big one problem, there was still plenty of time left in the game for the Ravens to get in field goal range themselves. Following the suspect play calling, you could see Brett Favre steaming on the bench. The Vikings escaped as the Ravens missed a game winning field goal. While the Vikings won the game, they blew a huge lead and failed to cover the spread. 

How do you top the Vikings you ask? Instead of running another play with 7 seconds left at the Jags 10 yard line and a timeout in your pocket, you settle for a field goal on 3rd down and play for overtime. First of all, did you forget that you are a WINLESS team? Why not take a chance? Secondly, you had a lot things go right for you in this game (a 52 yard FG and a Leonard Little interception for a TD).  No doubt the coach will use the excuse - "if we botched the field goal attempt on 3rd down, then we would have another shot on 4th down"

Watch highlights from the Rams / Jaguars game. Skip ahead to the 3:51 portion of the video to check out how much time is left when the Rams tied the game.

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