2013 Coaches Rankings
12th 2013 - Special K

Everyone knows how critical the role of a head coach is in determining the outcome of a football game.  I have put together a ranking of head coaches that you can trust will make the right calls at key moments in a football game. These are the guys you want managing your football team if you owned one. The coaches ranked at the bottom of our list will most likely be on the firing block at the end of the year. I definitely had some fun with this one. I will put together a final ranking when the season ends.
2013 Coaches Rankings (mid season)  

Head Coach

 Exp ATS Record Rank Team Comments
Bill Belichick 19 5-4 1 New England Patriots After Brady lost all his receivers, did you ever imagine they would be 7-2 right now?
Pete Carroll 8 6-3-1 2 Seattle Seahawks The team loves playing for this guy. The trip to the Super Bowl in the NFC will be going through Seattle.
Sean Payton 8 6-3 3 New Orleans Saints The value of the head coach is the reason I put together these rankings. Payton is the perfect example. The Saints were 4-5 at this time last year and 7-2 this year.
Jim Harbaugh 3 6-3 4 San Francisco 49ers I'm not sure who to blame for the 49ers offense. Maybe the GM? Is Harbaugh just buying time until Crabtree is ready to return? The 49ers 3rd leading receiver is Bruce Miller, a fullback. When Vernon Davis gets hurt, as he did against Carolina, the 49ers have no passing attack. Still, they are probably the most physical team in the league.
Bruce Arians 1 6-3 5 Arizona Cardinals Shown to be a very competent coach while taking over during Pagano's absence in Indy. Just look at how the Steelers offense has struggled after he left. His only weakness this season has been sticking with Mendenhall and not giving Ellington the reigns.
Chuck Pagano 2 5-4 6 Indianapolis Colts The Colts have beaten the best teams in football this year, 49ers, Seahawks, and Broncos. Yet the Colts had some stinkers against the Rams and Dolphins. You can trust him in a big game to motivate his team.
Mike McCarthy 8 4-5 7 Green Bay Packers Time will tell how good of a coach he is without Aaron Rodgers. So far, he is not off to a good start. The Packers look like the Colts after they lost Manning.
Rex Ryan 5 6-3 8 New York Jets Rex has completely overachieved this season. The Jets have been very consistent as well, winning at home and losing on the road.
Andy Reid 15 6-3 9 Kansas City Chiefs What can you say? 9-0 and 6-3 ATS. You know exactly you are going to get week after week, a great defensive effort and a game manager in Alex Smith
Jeff Fisher 19 4-5-1 10 St. Louis Rams The Rams started off slow but look like the team I expected them to be in the last 3 weeks. Fisher has always been a solid bet as a large underdog.
John Fox 12 6-3 11 Denver Broncos It is still hard to forget that the Broncos took the ball out of Peyton's hands against the Ravens. However, this season they seem to be keeping the foot on the gas pedal.
John Harbaugh 6 5-4 12 Baltimore Ravens He gets a free pass this year for winning a Super Bowl with Joe Flacco. The Flacco contract will hurt the Ravens for years to come.
Tom Coughlin 18 4-5 13 New York Giants The Giants will probably win the NFC East after starting 0-6. It seems like they do this every year. Time to start backing them.
Ron Rivera 3 6-3 14 Carolina Panthers The Panthers are a tough physical team and have stood up to the NFC bullies.
Mike McCoy 1 5-3-1 15 San Diego Chargers The Chargers can't get rid of the Norv Turner curse. A blown loss in week 1 against the Texans and a last second loss to the Titans. Even though Rivers is having a great season under McCoy,  the Chargers still have the same record (4-5) as they did under Norv Turner.
Chip Kelly 1 5-5 16 Philadelphia Eagles Kelly has done a decent job with this team but he needs to win a home game at some point.
Mike Tomlin 7 3-6 17 Pittsburgh Steelers This team has aged faster than Lindsay Lohan. It is time to reload.
Mike Shanahan 20 3-6 18 Washington Redskins The Redskins made a big mistake rushing RG III back. The Redskins offense is only effective when RG III can run the read option and is not a drop back pocket passer.
Marc Trestman 1 2-6-1 19 Chicago Bears Quite the identity change for the Bears. The offense is much improved under Trestman but the defense is in disarray.
Rob Chudzinski 1 5-4 20 Cleveland Browns The Browns are better than the Ravens and Steelers. As long as he keeps Weeden on the bench, the team seems to play better.
Mike Munchak 3 5-3-1 21 Tennessee Titans A really bad loss against the Jags will cost the Titans a chance at the postseason.
Jim Schwartz 5 5-4 22 Detroit Lions This team is very difficult to watch. Too many mental mistakes, undisciplined etc.
Marvin Lewis 11 5-4-1 23 Cincinnati Bengals The Bengals record should be much better than it is given the talent on that team. The Bengals should seriously consider promoting one of the assistant coaches to head coach.
Doug Marrone 1 4-6 24 Buffalo Bills The Bills screwed several fantasy owners this year with the comment that "We're going to give him the ball until he throws up." Through 9 games, Spiller only has 110 carries.
Mike Smith 6 2-7 25 Atlanta Falcons 2013 has been a disaster of a year for the Falcons. Offensive play calling has always been so predictable especially in the red zone.
Gary Kubiak 8 1-7-1 26 Houston Texans Huge disappointment this season compared to 2012. Worst team against the spread.
Dennis Allen 2 5-4 27 Oakland Raiders The lack of a passing attack has hurt the Raiders but everyone knew this going into this season. The Raiders should win 1 or 2 more games at most but have been competitive in every game so far
Joe Philbin 2 4-5 28 Miami Dolphins Philbin might not be around at the end of this season after this offensive line fiasco.
Jason Garrett 4 7-3 29 Dallas Cowboys The Cowboys can win against teams with losing records but always find a way to lose against teams with winning records. Jerry Jones has become the new Al Davis. The Kiffin experiment has backfired. Rob Ryan was the scapregoat for last season's failure to make the playoffs. Ryan is probably so happy they sent him packing right now.
Gus Bradley 1 2-7 30 Jacksonville Jaguars Just an impossible task, nothing more to say. If they win at least 2 games, he should stay.
Leslie Frazier 4 4-5 31 Minnesota Vikings There has been such a huge emphasis surrounding QB play with the Vikings. Has anyone noticed that their defense can't stop anyone?
Greg Schiano 2 3-6 32 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Josh Freeman debacle, Revis island disappeared off the map. The Bucs are competing for the #1 draft pick with the Jags.



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