NFL Best Bets for Week 15
13th 2014 - Old Man Winner

Pit -2.5 @ Atl

The Steelers have one really important thing going for them in this game - they are much better! C'mon people - have you watched any football this year? If you watched the Monday night game, here is what you saw - The Falcons defense is a total sieve giving up over 500 yards on prime time! They can't stop the run - gave up 180 yards on the ground and an average of 6 yards per carry. They can't stop the pass - gave up 327 yards and 3 TD's. And, it could have been a lot worse if the Packers didn't slow down the game to work the clock.

Atlanta's offense did show signs of life by making a valiant comeback, but in so doing they left it all out on the field. Julio must have ran 5 miles in that game, got beat up and finally hurt in junk time and Roddy White does not look like Roddy White. Stick a fork in him - he is done. Keep in mind that they did most of their damage in junk time against a very weak Packer secondary.

The Steelers should be able to pound the ball. They are the #8 rushing offense, playing against ATL's #21 ranked rush defense and a defense that has given up the most rushing touchdowns of any team in the league (17 in 13 games). Pittsburgh also has a cadre of the fastest WR's in the league. They will tear up this weak Falcon secondary - especially on turf.

I expect the Falcons defense to get totally whipsawed all day. When they bring their defense up to stop the run they will get beat deep and when they drop back to defend the pass they will get gouged against by Leveon Bell, who is on a historic current run.

Pit 41 Atl 20

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