NFL Best Bets for Week 11
November 18th 2016 - Old Man Winner

OAK -5.5 vs. Hou

Hasta la vista, baby!

This game marks the return of the NFL to Mexico where the Raiders take on the Houston Texans on Monday night. Do you know what the translation of the word Raiders is into Spanish? Asaltantes! Hahaha - Love it! That's what the Raiders have in store for the Houston Texans - a total assault!

What players do you think of when you think of the Raiders? Derek Carr? Amari Cooper? Michael Crabtree? Maybe Khalil Mack, if you are hard core? I want to give you another name to add to your list and get very familiar with - Kelechi Osemele (yes, I had to look up the spelling). Don't know who he is? You will before too long. He's the Raiders left Offensive Guard.

I know the Dallas Cowboys offensive line is widely considered the best in football. If they are, the Oakland Raider line is not too far behind. They have been mauling teams lately, especially when running the ball. The vaunted World Champion Denver Broncos were completely exposed in the Raiders last game. Oakland ran the ball 43 times for 218 yards mainly behind you guessed it, left guard Kelechi Osemele and scored three rushing touchdowns. That guy is an absolute road plow!!!

So, how should the Raiders line do against a good Texans defense? Hold on! The Texans are damn good against the pass, ranking 3rd in both yards and touchdown passes thrown. However, they are not so great against the run, with only six teams in the league allowing more rushing yards or touchdowns. No esta bien for Houston fans.

What about the other side of the ball? Hey, I know the Raiders suck defending the pass, you might be thinking. The Texans should be able to take advantage of that, right? Uhhhh . . . . . no! The Texans rank DFL (think about it - you'll get it) in passing offense. The $72Million Man has not been able to find one of the most talented WR's in the league all year. I doubt this game will be the turning point.

Not convinced? The Raiders have won their last four games after a bye week and are undefeated this season when playing away from home. Still? OK, one more stat just for fun. The most points the Texans have put up this year is 27. The Raiders have scored over 27 points in 7 of their 9 games this year. With the exception of some freak plays or turnovers, I just don't see how Houston can keep up.

I see a fairly close low scoring game in the first half before the Texans defensive line is completely gassed and giving up huge chunk yards in the second half. I see another game where the Raiders go over 200 yards rushing.

Buenas noches, mi Houston amigos!

Oak 30 Hou 16

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