NFL Best Bets for Week 14
December 9th 2016 - Old Man Winner

Was -1 @ Phi

RG3 is back, so Redskins should roll!

Relax, of course I am joking. Yes, RG3 is back, but for the hapless Browns this week. No, I like the Redskins this week because of their pigskin heaver.

How terrible/awesome was the Washington front office when they traded several draft picks in the 2012 draft to take RG3 with the second overall pick in the draft (terrible), and then have the audacity to take another QB in the 4th round of the same draft. Didn't they know they would likely get summarily criticized for that? What . . . you weren't confident in the pick you traded up to get so you had to waste another pick on the same position? I'm sure they heard a lot of that. But, that's what good front office execs do, they make the tough calls. That other QB they selected in the 4th round was Kirk Cousins.

"How do you like me now?"

To the game . . .

How is this a 1 pt. spread???? You're telling me that all I need to do is pick the winner - essentially straight up? Well, alrighty then. Give me the team with the more experienced quarterback, the more creative head coach, and the higher caliber receivers. There, that wasn't so hard.

Unlike many games this week out East, this one is not expected to be played in adverse weather. Therefore, I expect Cousins to have his way with this defense and for Wentz to have to play catch up. I don't think he's got the horses, or eagles in this case, to do it!

Bold Prediction: I expect DeSean Jackson to get one long TD, maybe two, which will stick it to his old teammates while simultaneously enticing them to re-sign him again in 2017.

Was 30 Phi 17

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