2016 NFL Regular Season Wins Over/Under
September 7th 2016             

Are you a long term investor? Then it is time to start placing your NFL future bets before the start of the 2016 NFL season.  If you look at win totals by division, Vegas ranks the NFC North as the toughest division in 2016 and the AFC South as the weakest again.  For the 2016 season, the Patriots, Seahawks, Steelers, Panthers, and Packers all have the highest win totals. The Browns are at the bottom. Here are our experts favorite over/under future bets for the 2016 NFL season (in BOLD are top 3 picks):

Team Wins Old Man Winner Pilfo Special K Stosh
Arizona 10 Over Under Over Over
Atlanta 7.5 Under Under Under Under
Baltimore 8 Over Under Under Over
Buffalo 8 Under Over Under Under
Carolina 10.5 Over Under Over Over
Chicago 7.5 Under Under Under Under
Cincinnati 9.5 Over Under Over Under
Cleveland 5 Over Over Under Over
Dallas 9 Under Under Under Under
Denver 9 Over Over Over Over
Detroit 7.5 Under Over Under Over
Green Bay 10.5 Under Over Over Over
Houston 8.5 Over Over Over Under
Indianapolis 9.5 Under Over Under Over
Jacksonville 7.5 Over Over Under Over
Kansas City 9.5 Over Under Over Over
Los Angeles 7.5 Under Under Under Under
Miami 7 Under Under Under Over
Minnesota 9.5 Under Under Over Under
NY Giants 8 Over Over Over Over
NY Jets 8 Over Over Over Under
New England 10.5 Under Under Over Over
New Orleans 7 Over Under Under Over
Oakland 8.5 Over Over Over Over
Philadelphia 7 Under Under Under Over
Pittsburgh 10.5 Under Over Over Under
San Diego 7 Under Under Under Under
San Francisco 5.5 Under Under Under Under
Seattle 10.5 Over Over Over Over
Tampa Bay 7.5 Over Over Under Under
Tennessee 5.5 Over Under Over Under
Washington 7.5 Over Over Over Over

NOTE: Each one of these bets will have over and under odds. A sportsbook will generally keep the win total the same but adjust the over and odds depending on how bets are placed.

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